Free Hand Farm

DSCN7250   Free Hand Farm is a privately run farm located on 45 acres of pasture in the historic Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony property. We are your Placerville source for:

    • Pastured raw milk herd shares. You buy a share in our herd of dairy cows, and are then eligible to pick up a percentage of the milk each week. Cows are on pasture year-round, so your milk will be rich in vitamin A and E and beta carotene, omega 3’s and CLA.  Mama cows get to raise their own calves, making for a contented mama and healthy calves. Check out our herdshare page to find out more.
  • Tender, mild-flavored grass fed lamb and chemical-free wool products (roving and raw fiber) from our Jacob and mixed breed sheep. DSCN7749
  • Pastured eggs from heritage breed hens fed sprouted barley and milk and free to forage on 20 acres.

DSCN5355 In the future we plan to host dairy workshops for those interested in

  • safe home dairying
  • caring for a cow
  • making homemade yogurt and kefir (incredibly delicious and healthy)
  • making simple cheeses

For more information please send us an email at