Free Hand Farm

DSCN7250   Free Hand Farm is a privately run farm located on 45 acres of pasture in the historic Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony property. We are your Placerville source for:

    • Pastured raw milk herd shares. You buy a share in our herd of dairy cows, and are then eligible to pick up a percentage of the milk each week. Cows are on pasture year-round, so your milk will be rich in vitamin A and E and beta carotene, omega 3’s and CLA.  Mama cows get to raise their own calves, making for a contented mama and healthy calves. Check out our herdshare page to find out more.
  • Tender, mild-flavored 100% grass fed lamb and chemical-free wool products (yarn, roving and raw fiber) from our Jacob and mixed breed sheep. DSCN7749
  • Eggs from hens fed a corn and soy free diet, enjoying the freedom of a life on pasture.


For more information please send us an email at